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Adopt an Adult for $20.00!

At first glance, this may seem silly. However, there are a lot of adult adoptions that take place every year. In fact my son was just adopted by his step-father last year, it was so special and was a long time coming.

Adult adoptions establish a legal parent-child relationship between a stepparent and their spouse's child, a foster child and foster parents, LGBT parents where the spouse was unable to adopt the child prior to them turning 18 or any parents who have assumed an informal parental relationship with a now adult child.

It may be benefcial to wait until the child is an adult sometimes dues to the headache and expense of locating the absent biological parent, going through a home study, even dealing with the potential of the child having Indian Ancestry. These are all things that may increase the expense or prove to be difficult to navigate through without an attorney.

Adopting an adult will result in the following benefits:

  • Adopting an adult child creates a legally recognized parent-child relationship, which will then give the adult child inheritance rights.

  • It may enable the adult child to receive Social Security benefits in some situations since there is now a legal parent-child relationship established.

  • It may ensure care if either party has diminished capacity. It also may ensure that an adult child with special needs will be allowed to remain on the parent's health insurance and qualify for lifetime care.

  • May create a deeper bond, and/or stronger emotional connection between the parties.

The court process is fairly straight-forward depending on if the adult-child is currently married. All parties must consent, including the adult-child's spouse if they are currently married. The Petition is filed in Family Court, a hearing is set, all parties appear before a Judge and if approved the Judge signs the decree and it's official. The adult child will have the option to have a new birth certificate issued and the old certficate sealed.

Diablo LDA offers adult adoption Petition preparation and filing. Contact my office today to set up an appointment at (925) 336-5711 or click on the Book Now button to schedule!

This article should not be taken as legal advice. Jessica Ward DBA Diablo LDA & Attorney Services is a Legal Document Preparation Company and not a law firm. Jessica Ward cannot give advice, represent you in court or select forms for you, she can provide self-help services at your specific direction.

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