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Beware of Advertisements after Recording New Deeds

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Beware of these solicitations. Over the past couple of weeks 8, yes 8 of my clients have received these solicitations. I want to alert clients and others of the advertisements that you may receive after your documents are recorded.

While not illegal under California Law, there are many companies that solicit consumers who have just recorded deeds. The solicitations received usually state that a Deed was just recorded on your property and that to receive a copy of it, you need to send a check in the amount of $89.00. They also tend to use language that often times worries consumers that they are in danger of losing their rights.

What consumers should know is that when recording deeds, the County Recorder's office will always send the recorded document to the address that is indicated on the deed in the upper left hand corner, under "When Recorded Mail To," which is typically you as the property owner.

The other important thing to note is that if you do need a copy of your deed on your property, you can easily obtain it by going to the County Recorder's office on your own and only paying $1.00 per page. In addition many counties also offer online access or a method of ordering online so you can avoid a trip to the recorder's office.

If you receive a notice and are confused, or if you need a deed prepared and recorded, please reach out to Diablo Document Preparation at 925.336.5711, we look forward to talking to you!

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