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How to Change your Name with Recongnition of Change of Gender

This article is written for those who need a Court Order due to recognition of change of gender.

California law states that you do not need a Court Order to update your drivers' license, passport or birth certificate to recognize a change of gender. However, if you were born in a state other than California, it is likely that in order to get an updated birth certificate that you will need a Court Order.

In addition, a Court Order is required for anybody who wishes to change their legal name. Below are a list of forms and an outline of the process for a name change and recognition of gender.

Since this article only pertains to those wishing to recognize a gender change and are changing their name due to same, there are no publication requirements. In addition, there is no longer a requirement to obtain a physician's signature.

Complete the following forms:

CM-010 Civil Case Cover Sheet

NC-200 Petition for Change of Name, Recognition of Chnage of Gender and Issuance of New Birth Certificate

NC-110 Attachment to Petition for Change of Name

NC-125/NC-225 Order to Show Cause for Change of Name to Conform to Gender Identity

NC-230 Decree Changing Name and Order Recognizing Change of Gender and for Issuance of New Birth Certificate

After you complete the above forms, you will want to date & sign each form where required then make 2 copies.

You will have to contac the court to find out where to bring the documents & Order to Show Cause. You will need to get a Judge's signature on the Order to Show Cause before you file the documents with the Court Clerk. **Bring proof of residency and identification with you. The court will require proof of residency before signing the Order to Show Cause.

Once the Order to Show Cause is signed, bring all documents to the Clerk's window for filing. You will have to pay a fee in the amount of $435.00 or you can apply for a Fee Waiver. If you need a Fee Waiver, complete Form FW-001 and FW-003 and submit to the Clerk with your documents.

Once your documents are filed you can come back anytime after 60 days has run and pick up your Decree. You will want to get Certified Copies from the Court in order to submit to the agencies that require a Certified Court Order.

If you have any questions on your Name/Gender Recognition paperwork, please contact Diablo LDA for assistance.

Nothing in this article is to be used as legal advice. All information above is readily available on the California Courts Website. Jessica Ward is not an attorney and cannot offer legal advice, represent you in court or select legal forms for you.

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