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Request or Change an Order in Family Court

When going through a divorce there may come a time when you need to request an order from the court. For example, you may need custody or visitation orders for your minor children or property orders so that you can have access to certain property or funds. This is not required if you and your spouse can agree to the terms.

Here are some situations in which a Request for Order may be requested:

  1. Custody/Visitation: You can use the Request for Order to establish custody in your case before any orders have been made or to change a previous order due to a change in circumstances.

  2. Child Support: A Request for Order can request the court to change a support order, if you are requesting any financial order, you must also submit an Income & Expense Declaration so that the Court can calculate what the support should be.

  3. Other Orders: These may include a change of venue, termination of spousal support, or permission to file a 2nd Amended Petition.

If you are requesting new orders, you will have to complete the Request for Order FL-300 and may have to attach other forms if required by the Court.

If you are requesting to change current existing orders you must attach the current orders to your request.

If you need assistance with preparing a Request for Order, contact Diablo Document Preparation at (925) 336.5711.

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