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Is an LDA right for you?

When people ask what I do, I tell them that I am a legal document assistant. They often look at me curious and unsure what it means. I always tell them that I am similar to a paralegal, however, I provide document services to the public and do not work under an attorney.

Legal document assistants oftentimes were working as paralegals and decided to open their own business providing high quality legal document assistance to clients. As a legal document assistant I prepare a variety of legal documents for my clients. A large portion of my business is Estate Planning and Family Law.

Legal document assistants cannot give legal advice, represent clients in court and cannot select legal forms for their clients. The California Courts have a lot of very valuable information on their websites which can be very helpful for the self-represented litigant.

It is estimated that 80% of people who show up in court are representing themselves, this is in large part due to financial constraints. Many cannot afford an attorney so they try to navigate those waters on their own. Legal document assistants are an excellent alternative to preparing the documents on your own. They are familiar with the process and how the court would like the documents completed. Through working on different cases, we learn the idiosyncracies of the system and use that experience to help our clients.

Using a legal document assistant may be a great tool for your case, if you require the advice of an attorney a good LDA will refer you out. Legal document assistants are not attorneys and should not be viewed as such. If you need the advice of an attorney, you can still use an LDA and hire your attorney on a limited scope basis.

Contact us today to discuss if using an LDA may be right for you. We offer free consultations in our Pleasant Hill office; fixed fee pricing and quick turnaround on legal documents.

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