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New Laws for 2019

With 2018 coming to a close, many new laws are set to take effect come the new year. I have compiled my list of the most interesting new laws that will become effective in just a few days:

  1. AB 1793 Marijuana Possession Expungements - If you have a conviction for possession of marijuana prior to 2016, you may be eligible for a reduction of sentence or even expungement. The Department of Justice is required to search the criminal record database to identify all cases that may be eligible and provide the information to the District Attorney's office by July 1, 2019. After the DA reviews the cases and if there is no challenge by the DA the court can then modify the record.

  2. Senate Bill 439 Prosecution of Minor Age - Minors under the age of 12 who commit crimes will benefit from rehabilitation instead of prosecution in court as long as the crime they commited was not murder or rape. The State is looking to encourage rehabilitation instead of convictions and jail time.

  3. AB 1884 No Straw for You - If you are one of the many that appreciate a straw for your beverage, you will have to ask your waiter, as retaurants will not be giving them out unless they are specifically asked for. In an effort to reduce the negative impact of single use plastic items new restrictions have been put in place.

  4. Senate Bill 1046 Drunk Drivers Ignition Interlock Device - Beginning in January 2019, any person convicted of drunk driving will be required to install an ignition interlock device aka breathalyizer device. In order to operate the vehicle the driver would have to blow into th device and the vehicle would then start as long as there is no alcohol detected. First time offenders would be required to have the device for 6 months, second time offenders would be required to have th device for a year, third time offenders 2 years and fourth or more, three years. The law will sunset in 2026, but has been shown to reduce drunk driving offenses in the pilot counties.

  5. Senate Bill 1305 Pet CPR - Now emergency responders can provide emergency medical assistance to our beloved dogs or cats. This was previously restricted and only veterinarians could render these services to pets.

  6. AB 1739 FAQs and the Transfer on Death Deed - If you are one of many who has recorded a Transfer on Death Deed, you know that it was required that the FAQ page of the form was recorded. AB 1739 is retroactive to 2016 and now states that the FAQ page is not required when recording the TOD deeds.

  7. AB 2343 3 Day Notice - AB 2343 goes into effect September 1, 2019 and clarifies that Saturdays, Sundays and judicial holidays are excluded from calculating the three days.

  8. AB 516 Temporary License Plates - Anybody that purchases a new vehicle will not be allowed to drive the new car off the lot unless there is a license plate or a temporary license plate issued by the dealership. This law is aimed at helping law enforcement investigate crimes and for toll evaders.

  9. Senate Bill 179 DMV Gender Selection - Starting January 1, 2019 there will be an option for Male, Female or X for nonbinary. Applicants will now be able to choose nonbinary option. There are also many other changes that have taken place during 2018 to make it easier and does not require physician approval.

  10. Senate Bill 826 Woman Required on Board - Californian Publicly Traded Companies will require at least one woman on the Board of Directors and some companies may require more than one. If the Board has between 1-4 members one woman will be required, 2 with a board of 5 members or 3 with a board of six or more. Three of the largest companies that will need to add women to their board are Skechers, WageWorks and PCM. These companies will have some time to add these women, the deadline is 2021.

Thanks for reading, here's to a healthy, happy, successful 2019! As always please reach out if Diablo LDA can assist you with any of your legal documents.

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