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New Process at Contra Costa County Family Law Court

As many of you are aware, Contra Costa County Superior Court has reopened its doors to the public. They are still encouraging filing by mail or drop-box if possible. However, if you decide to venture out, here are some important notes to keep in mind:

  1. Masks are required for all persons entering the building, there are no exceptions to this rule that I am aware of.

  2. The Family Court has three lines outside of the Courthouse, with social distancing squares on the ground to ensure proper spacing. The lines are defined by signs for Family Law Filings, Ex-Parte Filings and Document Pickup.

  3. You will stand in the line that matches your visit and wait for the Sheriff to come out and call you up. Once they call you up, they will take your temperature and if you are clear you can enter the building to go through security.

  4. If there is anybody else in line for the area you need, then you will sit in one of the chairs that are available, again all spaced accordingly.

  5. You are allowed to file on ONE CASE only - unless you are the only one in line. If anybody else comes while you are filing you will be limited to filing in one case.

  6. When the Court Clerk calls you up, their plexiglass window will be closed, you will place your documents at their window, then you will step back to the red line they have on the floor. You will need to remain behind that line until the clerk files your documents, puts them at their window and closes their plexiglass window, then you can retrieve your filed documents.

  7. If for any reason, you are requested to make changes or you need to file on multiple files (assuming there are other customers) then you will need to go back outside and get in line again and go through the whole temperature/security process again.

When I visited the Court last week on two separate occasions there were no lines, however, both times there was one other person waiting, therefore my idea of getting all 5 of my cases filed was not going to happen.

I should also note that I have drop boxed several items and have been to the Court since its opening on several different occasions and at different times of day, and have not seen any lines at all, it does seem people are staying away.

I hope this helps if you are deciding to venture out to the Contra Costa County Court. If you need Diablo Document Preparation to file anything on your behalf, please contact our office at 925.336.5711.

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